What Can I Do If I’m Confronted With Foreclosure?
If you or someone you know is facing this situation, we may be able to offer options to getting the home out of foreclosure, taking the burden off your shoulders and possibly put a little CASH in your pocket. We are experienced in working with and negotiating with banks and can help you reach a favorable outcome. It can be very difficult for a consumer to navigate through the complex and complicated negotiating process in an attempt to stop or slow the foreclosure on their property. Although the banks say they want the consumers involved, in many cases bank doesn’t care or won’t listen to any consumer who does not understand or know how to navigate the process and wait for a professional to be involved.
Foreclosures are a completely different animal compared to a traditional home being sold. It requires a special set of skills, and there are very few companies locally and nationally that have the experience and success we have. We know how to cut through a lot of red tape and provide you a “win-win” solution. If the bank forecloses on you, you will receive no monetary gain, and in most cases the bank will file for a “deficiency judgment” for any losses on the property. So you will not be off the hook, you may actually end up in a worse situation. We can negotiate with the bank and possibly put CASH in your pocket. Do not let the bank take your property.
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What We Offer:
1.    We evaluate your situation individually to determine the best remedy. Every situation is different and every lender and investor handle thing differently, with different rules and programs. It is important to research, in depth, prior to making a decision on which avenue to pursue.
2.    We don’t want anyone to be forced to give up their home if they have the ability to stay. We first evaluate possible “work-out” options. We can then put you in touch with professionals at HUD-Approved non-profit agencies that specialize in working with lenders on loan modifications.
3.    If a short sale is necessary, we have extensive experience and the necessary tools needed to maneuver a short sale successfully, more than any other company in the area, (with a 98% success rate) and it is highly probable that we have worked with your bank in the past.
4.    The ability to act fast. We know the ins and outs of the process and have been able to help those who already have a foreclosure sale date set.
5.    We sell your house “as-is” with no repairs required by you, further releasing the financial burden.
6.    There is no cost for our service.
7.    We make the process and as smooth and painless as possible. But we do need your cooperation and help to be successful.